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Adelaide Bike Kitchen is very encouraging of volunteers and we so value the efforts our team put into keeping the space running. 

To become a volly at ABK, fill out the form below or just rock up on a workshop night and have a chat.

We always have a collection of jobs that need to be done and, depending on how "involved" with the organisation you would like to be, there is a role to suit your interests. 

We expect that all volunteers contribute positively to our space and help us achieve our mission in a respectful manner to all who walk through the door. 



core vollies

Core Vollies fulfill designated roles that are required for our workshops to function smoothly. Core vollies are rostered onto a monthly roster in various roles of their choice such as mech, front of house and cook.

To be a Core Volly we'll ask you to take part in one of our Volly Inductions which will not only provide you with all the information about the roles but also handy tips for handling customers and enquiries.

our committee

ABK is a non-hierarchical organisation meaning we have chosen not to have presidents and executives. What this does mean is that we have a democratic group, some of whom have designated roles such as Chairperson, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, which forms our steering committee.

Anyone who has been a member of ABK for at least six months is welcome to nominate to be on committee. Our committee is elected annually at our AGM. We meet regularly to discuss topics that come up and how we run the space. 

If you are interested in getting involved in the committee, drop us an email at

casual vollies

Casual Vollies rock up on their chosen nights and help us out around the space. We always have donations to process, cooks to help, signs to write and bikes to assess- there's really a job suited for everyone! 

To be a volly on any given night, you need to be around our operating code of conduct. This simply ensures our space and patrons are treated respectfully and we'll happily guide you through this. 


message us if you want to become a volunteer!

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