Adelaide Bike Kitchen is very encouraging of volunteers and we so value the efforts our team put into keeping the space running. 

To become a volly (volunteer) at ABK, it's as simple as dropping us an email or rocking up on a workshop night. 

We have a collection of jobs that need to be done and, depending on how "involved" with the organisation you would like to be, there is a role to suit your interests. 

We expect that all volunteers contribute positively to our space and help us achieve our mission in a respectful manner to all who walk through the door. 


All volunteers are eligible to sign up to the Bike Bucks program. This keeps a record of how many hours you volunteer. At the end of the month, those hours are converted to $2p/h which you can use to put towards purchasing items from ABK.



Casual Vollies rock up on their chosen nights and help us out around the space. We always have donations to process, cooks to help, signs to write and bikes to assess- there's really a job suited for everyone! 

To be a volly on any given night, you need to be around our operating code of conduct. This simply ensures our space and patrons are treated respectfully and we'll happily guide you through this. 



Core Vollies fulfill designated roles that are required for our workshops to function smoothly. We encourage Core Vollies to put their names onto the week's roster and specify whether they'd like to be behind the front desk, a mechanic or a cook.

To be a Core Volly we'll ask you to take part in one of our Volly Inductions which will not only provide you with all the information about the roles but also handy tips for handling customers and enquiries.


ABK is a non-hierarchical organisation meaning we have chosen not to have presidents and executives. What this does mean is that we have a very democratic group of people, some of whom have designated roles such as Treasurer, Secretary and Space Manager. 

Anyone is welcome to join in on our committee meetings. We meet once a month (usually the 2nd Monday night at the ABK space) where we discuss topics that come up and how we run the space. 

If you would like to be part of the committee, drop us an email.

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