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A 3hr course for total beginners to bike mechanics

This course will cover an M safety check, teaching you to identify every component of a bike and check whether its in good working order and safe to ride. You will learn about the tools needed to fix basic bike problems and how to use them and the correct method to fix a puncture and get back on the road.


No prior knowledge required. Perfect for complete beginners to bike mechanics and people looking to gain the confidence to do quick fixes on their bike.

Suitable for ages 13+. All equipment provided

Ticket Pricing:


$50 Regular

$45 Members

$40 Unwaged

$60 Super Supporter


Mon 3rd June



We have a sliding pricing schedule for all our courses at ABK

Choose the Regular Ticket for the price to cover our running and course costs

Choose the Member Ticket to receive a 10% discount on the ticket price if you are a member

OR Choose the Super Supporter Ticket if you are feeling extra generous and would like to contribute to the continuation of courses at ABK

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