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This course runs on Monday evening for 10 weeks.


Each week takes an in depth look at a different bike component each week, covering everything from types of parts on the market and their mechanical function to part maintenance, wear and safety.


Each workshop features a theoretical component followed by a hands on activity in the workshop. A weekly quiz is given to be completed during class and the final week makes up a practical test covering the contents of the course.


After successful completion all participants are awarded a certificate of their achievement.

Week 1: Tools
Week 2: Frames
Week 3: Brakes
Week 4: Bearings & Steering Systems
Week 5 & 6: Drive line
Week 7 & 8: Gear Systems
Week 9: Wheels
Week 10: Revision & Practical test

Please note this course cannot be taken as individual weeks.

Course Starts:

Mon 4th September


Ticket Pricing:


$500 Regular

$450 Members

$600 Super Supporter


We have a sliding pricing schedule for all our courses at ABK

Choose the Regular Ticket for the price to cover our running and course costs

Choose the Member Ticket to receive a 10% discount on the ticket price if you are a member

OR Choose the Super Supporter Ticket if you are feeling extra generous and would like to contribute to the continuation of courses at ABK

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