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We have teamed up with our cool friend at Soap Bike to make Super Volcanic Mechanic soap; perfect for scrubbing those grubby mechanic hands.


New Zealand volcanic rock (aka pumice) provides just the right amount of scrub to lift built up grease from your skin and allow the powerful, yet conditioning bubbles to carry it away. Lemon myrtle, sweet orange and lavender essential oils provide a powerful, fresh scent that is both uplifting and anti-bacterial.

Like all Soap Bike soaps, this one is made from palm free, certified organic, fair trade, wild harvested and unrefined oils, so you're supporting people and companies who use their land in ways that preserve the natural environment.

Ingredients: certified organic extra virgin olive oil, certified organic unrefined coconut oil, water, certified organic unrefined shea butter, lye, castor oil, pumice, lemon myrtle essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, sodium lactate, bentonite clay, lavender essential oil, West Indian sandalwood essential oil, rosemary oleoresin extract.


10% of all Super Volcanic Mechanic soap sales go directly to support Adelaide Bike Kitchen!


Come in to ABK to try it out, its the soap we have at our sink!

Head through to the Soap Bike website to order some soapy goodness or pick up a bar when you next visit ABK

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