ABK is re-opening!
The wait is finally over

First community workshops
-Wed 3rd June 5-8pm
-Sat 6th June 12-4pm

We have been busy working to make ABK function smooth and easy for its users, to open more days and offer more during this recent downtime. The ABK shop will now be integrated into the community workshop making one big space for everything. Thanks for your patience.


It will be a little different to how it was before but still mostly the same,

-Enter from our big back door (just off Third Street- there's a new park on the corner)

-Leave your bike locked outside unless you are there to work on it.

-Sign-in when you arrive and speak to front of house (FOH/sales counter)

-DIY repairs, 2nd hand bike sales, parts and accessories sales.

-COVID capacity limit and hygiene awareness.

-BYO food only. No community dinner for now.

-Priority will be given to those doing repairs and fixes rather than browsing.


Thanks for your continued support,

Look forward to seeing you at your local bike kitchen!

NEW - Online Bike Sales

NEW - WebShop - https://adelaidebikekitchenshop.square.site/

if you're looking for skills, tools, bikes and socialising, ABK is for you

Making connections by bike

Helping people learn to fix and maintain their own bikes in a community setting. 


22 Gibson Street

Bowden SA 5007


Wed - 5-8pm

Sat - 12-4pm


Currently Closed



Online Sales

Pick up and Drop Off Times

Wed + Thurs 1-8pm

Sat 12-4pm


We aim to normalise bike riding as an everyday transport option. We help keep people riding their bikes and instill confidence in our customers by skill-sharing and providing support. We clebrate the bike as a true liberation machine.

There are many different ways people volunteer for ABK. Some help by being a supervising mechanic, some cook dinner and others help keep the space functioning. We'd love to hear from you if you're interested. 

ABK survives because of the goodwill of our community. If you have anything to donate, particularly if bike related or you time, we'd love to hear from you. We try to keep useable parts out of the rubbish tip. 

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​Find us: 

22 Gibson Street BOWDEN (enter off Third St)
Adelaide  South Australia