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ABK Community Workshops
DIY Bicycle Repairs and Advice
Opening times:
WED 5:30-8 PM
Fri 5:30-8 PM

SAT 1-4 PM

If you're looking for skills, tools, bikes & socialising, ABK is for you


Helping people learn to fix and maintain their own bikes in a community setting. 
22 Gibson Street
Bowden SA 5007

Wed - 5:30-8pm
Fri - 5:30-8pm
Sat - 1-4pm


We aim to normalise bike riding as an everyday transport option. We help keep people riding their bikes and instill confidence in our customers by skill-sharing and providing support. We clebrate the bike as a true liberation machine.

There are many different ways people volunteer for ABK. Some help by being a supervising mechanic, some cook dinner and others help keep the space functioning. We'd love to hear from you if you're interested. 

ABK survives because of the goodwill of our community. If you have anything to donate, particularly if bike related or you time, we'd love to hear from you. We try to keep useable parts out of the rubbish tip. 

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