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We are working with RenewalSA over the coming months to improve and renovate our workshop space in Bowden. ABK has been supported by RenewalSA over the past 8 years with our subsidised space for delivering a pro-cycling service which aligns with the vision for new Bowden development. This means that ABK will be staying-put in our current location a while longer AND we will be working to significantly improve the functionality and vibe of the space..

The ABK street frontage on Gibson St is being reoriented and our entrance will be relocated just around the corner on Third st. There will be a new pathway and entrance connecting us to the open grassed area with BIG glass doors/windows creating a welcoming new frontage for our community. Our signage will be changing but we will retain the current mural on the west facing wall and incorporate it into our new entrance.


Major improvement works will also take place inside, making the bathroom more accessible, the creation of a new "shop" area near the new entrance, displaying our volunteer-built bikes and donated treasures for sale, an enhanced open-plan space for holding our popular courses, social events AND more opportunity for collaboration. We will of course continue running our regular workshops for the wider Adelaide community.  Check it all out in the diagram below!

These upcoming changes present a HUGE opportunity to reshape our ABK community! We envision the redeveloped space as one that is more versatile and collaborative, allowing us to open the doors to other groups with ideas to use the space. This is where you come in, do you have an idea or an existing community group and would like to use our space to bring new ideas to fruition. Think music nights, meetings, workshops, exercise classes.... Currently the future of the space is totally adaptable so bring us your ideas now via the form below and we can work together to make them come to life! The consultation process has been extended until the end of January, so don't sit on those ideas!

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Thanks for submitting!

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