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ABK is first and foremost here to support our community. As such, we provide a number of items that are available to the public to hire on a short to mid-term basis with an emphasis placed on accessible pricing. 

By doing this, we hope more people choose to ride a bike, have way more fun in their lives and experience our city in ways that cars prevent. 

Bike Hire

At ABK we have a selection of bikes available for short to medium-term hire. The price depends on the bike however, the system is the same:

We sell you a second hand bike (it's around $80-$200 depending on the quality) and then we buy back the bike when you are done with it minus a rate depending on how long you have had it for. The rate is $20 for the first week, and $10 per week after that. Partial week counts as a whole week. We have basic locks and helmets for a further $20 deposit that will be refunded in full if returned in good condition. Essentially, we are selling you a bike then we buy it back off you. It's a much cheaper way of hiring a bike if you're here for a week or more than other options. If there's any damage caused, we will have to recover that cost as well. If you lose the bike while its with you, there is no return/buy-back. If you want to give it to a friend or keep it because you love it, that's no problem, just let us know.

We've got a decent range of bikes for sale and hire but they change regularly. To see whats available email the retail store -, or visit the store during its open hours. If you would like to hire multiple bikes and book them in advance please contact us via email first to allow us enough time to get them ready. We cannot guarantee bicycles will be available for hire/buyback, or be in your size. 

Community Bike Trailers (Out of Service)

Temporarily out of service while we do some maintenance and repairs.


Email if you need one desperate. Or watch this space for when they are available next.

We have 5 fantastic bike trailers for free hire to our community members. We ask that the trailers are hired out for a maximum of a week at a time, that you supply a $50 deposit (it's fully reimbursed) and we ask for a few contact details. 

The trailers are generally compatible with most bicycles and provide an opportunity to shift heavier loads that may otherwise force you to take a car. They're not really set up for carrying people though. 

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