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A 3 hour workshop to introduce you to all things bike mechanic!

Hosted by the fantastic Peter Good, you will be given a general overview of the anatomy of a bike, essential safety checks and how to effectively patch a punctured tube.

No prior knowledge required and you don't even need to bring along a bike. This course is suitable for absolute beginners and those with some knowledge wanting to know a little more.

Ticket Pricing:

$50 Regular

$45 Members

$60 Super Supporter

Workshop Dates:


Mon 1st AUGUst


Stay tuned for future Intro dates!

This course is aimed at those who have a basic understanding of bike mechanics but are ready to further their understanding and delve a little deeper.

This course will run over 2 evenings at ABK, Monday 15th August and Monday 22nd August. One night will focus in depth on gears and the other night on brakes, covering all the different types of available systems and how to service the most common ones.

Ticket Pricing:

$100 Regular

$90 Members

$120 Super Supporter

Workshop Dates:

Mon 15th & 22nd AUGUst


This course runs on Monday evening for 10 weeks.


Each week takes an in depth look at a different bike component each week, covering everything from types of parts on the market and their mechanical function to part maintenance, wear and safety.


Each workshop features a theoretical component followed by a hands on activity in the workshop. A weekly quiz is given to be completed during class and the final week makes up a practical test covering the contents of the course.


After successful completion all participants are awarded a certificate of their achievement.

Week 1: Tools
Week 2: Frames
Week 3: Brakes
Week 4: Bearings & Steering Systems
Week 5 & 6: Drive line
Week 7 & 8: Gear Systems
Week 9: Wheels
Week 10: Revision & Practical test

Please note this course cannot be taken as individual weeks.

Course Starts:

Mon 5th September


Ticket Pricing:


$500 Regular

$450 Members

$600 Super Supporter


We have a sliding pricing schedule for all our courses at ABK

Choose the Regular Ticket for the price to cover our running and course costs

Choose the Member Ticket to receive a 10% discount on the ticket price if you are a member

OR Choose the Super Supporter Ticket if you are feeling extra generous and would like to contribute to the continuation of courses at ABK

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